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Roku TV reviews: Roku's latest streaming player at different prices Roku's latest streaming players is smaller and more powerful than their predators. At different prices, Roku is equipped with features and capabilities. See now
Sony PlayStation VR Core Bundle in PlayStation unveiled Playstation VR fans don’t need to wait anymore, a new unboxing video about what comes packed in the PSVR Core Bundle was newly revealed from Sony. Let’s see!

GTA 5 online games - New biker update and features revealed Latest news for those who play GTA 5 Online games by Rockstar. New features and Biker DLC update in GTA V online for PC, PS4, xBox One revealed in recent leak
Jio4GVoice, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and All You Should Know Jio4GVoice (JioJoin) enables you to make HD voice and video call to any landline or mobile number and marks with many Rich Communication Services (RCS) features
Blackberry to halt production of mobile phones, switch to oursourcing Blackberry announced to end production of in-house mobile phones, smartphone. They will outsource this function to partners and focus on softwares and services
Call of duty: World at War is on Xbox One via backwards compatibility Call of duty: World at War is first-person shooter video game published by Activision. And it is now also playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility
Xiaomi's Mi 5s, 5s Plus: Apple’ replica phone at shockingly low prices Based on shamelessly copying of Apple, Xiaomi’s new Mi 5s and 5s Plus aren't welcomed in the US market although being shockingly low price Apple’ replica phones
Watch Dogs 2 to add new gameplay footage and fix the original flaws Find out what the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 game for PS4, PC, xBox One will bring to players. Latest news on the Watch Dogs 2 game release date, features, gameplay
Assassin’s Creed franchise may not see another entry until 2018 According to Ubisoft CEO, Assassin’s Creed game will be released back “when it’s ready”. It sounds like 2017 will be bereft of an Assassin’s Creed entry as well
Lara Croft 20 year celebration, Rise of Tomb Raider PS4 gone gold Rise of the Tomb Raider game for PS4, xBox One, PC has gone gold in honor of Lara Croft 20 year celebration. Get game news on release date, new features
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 latest news on release date, features Microsoft Surface 5 and latest news on its release date, development, and features. Find out what Microsoft will add to these upcoming devices, Surface Pro 5
About half of all recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S Along with about half of all recalled Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the U.S, it must be heartening for Samsung when 90% of customers decided to trust Note 7 again
Street Fighter 5 new update on PS4 and PC Review Street Fighter 5 or Street Fighter V games new update has come to PC and PS4. Check out to see what does Street Fighter 5, V bring to gamers. Game news, review
New League of Legends LoL boards games announced - Mechs vs Minions Riot Games has announced new League of Legends boards games, lol boards named Mechs vs Minions. Get latest news for this upcoming League of Legend LoL game
Dishonored 2: Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin creatively kill enemies In Dishonored 2, you can either play as Dishonored’s protagonist Corvo Attano, or Emily Kaldwin. Here is latest game trailer on how they creatively kill enemies
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